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Step into our musical time machine and transport yourself back in time to 940a.d.

Experience the life of Brian of Borumha, the greatest king in Irish history.

His story unfolds through words and music:

Brian Boru The High King of Tara

Inspired by the novel 'Lion of Ireland' by Morgan Llywelyn.

Music Composed by Maurice Lennon

Co-Produced by Donal Lunny & Maurice Lennon

Maurice would like to thank everyone for their support during the last few years. He is very grateful for the prayers, letters and visits from everyone they made it much easier to go through such a rough time in his life.  The cancer is now gone.  Check out the schedule pages and come out and hear his best playing to date.


Regular Sunday evening sessions in The Rathmines Inn 6-8pm

Just added Sunday night sessions in The Firhouse Inn 9:00 till ...

* all musicians are welcome to come along and join in the music.


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There must be something in the Lennon Genes; they've been great exponents of the Leitrim style of traditional music for decades and now Maurice has finalised a 20-year old idea. This is a musical biography of Brian Boru, certainly the greatest of the High Kings of Ireland. Whatever about his methods, he certainly made the office something to be reckoned with. No Ard Rķ before or since, made such an impact. We remember the battle of Clontarf in 1014 the way the Scots remember 1314, and the English remember 1966.
With the exception of Brian Boru's March', which is given the menacing treatment it deserves, and extracts from an ancient poem said to have been written by Brian's own bard, this is all Lennon's own work. The tunes are traditional in style, but they translate into something much deeper, I suppose it would have been easy enough to shoehorn tunes into place, but there's plainly been a lot of thought gone into this work. It hangs together really well.
There are more instruments on this than you'd find at a fleadh, played by the cream of the crop of musicians. There's not one I wouldn't trust with my favourite tune. This has the feel of a concert version of a much more complex production; I'd like to see it as an open-air show. If Bill Whelan's listening....
This isn't a CD to dip into; it needs to be heard as a complete work. Pour a glass of Jameson's or, better still, open a bottle of Tyrconnel, and immerse yourself in a dark and bloody episode of Irish history."

Mick Furey - The Living Tradition


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Hope you will enjoy the site and stay in touch as it will be updated on a regular basis. Thanks again to everyone for the amazing support. Sit down with your favorite bottle of wine (or cup of coffee) and listen to the album and experience the story of Brian Boru's life.



Enjoy the site!



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     The Recently re-released Stocktons Wing Live - Take One.      Wingcd4016.jpg (30508 bytes)

This album will without doubt bring back many memories of their youth, to many now forty something's. The album, which has been digitally remastered for this release, also includes 3 bonus studio recordings of the band from the same period.

O'Brian Clan - The Descendants of Brian Boru    

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